The Townships

Major Towns on the Trader’s Route

The small town that has built up around the King’s castle. It lays at the outskirts of the castle walls, kept protected from the rough sea winds by the hillside upon which the castle rests. Its residents are mostly servants of the castle and those who reside to provide for them. The town’s main business comes from the Knights who reside within the castle.

Named after one of the heroes of old, this is the main city in Evermoon. A day’s walk from Kingstown, at the base of the cliff and on the water’s edge for trade, Sen is a bustling metropolis and by far the largest city in the kingdom. Anything anyone could ever want can be purchased here as it not only is the destination for all trade routes within Evermoon, it is also on the edge of the Sea of Stars gaining trade from the other three kingdoms around the sea. Sen is also the main hub of knowledge, with the Tower being a centerpiece. In fact, the city was built around the Tower, when it was built over 300 years ago.

A moderately sized town dead center of the kingdom, a good 2 months from Sen to the south along the Trade Pass. Coaltin is the central hub of all trade amongst the outter villages and towns, and until 50 years ago, was also the southern most township in Evermoon.

The main city named after the southern Baron’s family of Brennen. Founded 50 years ago by Arago Brennen, it is the last vestige of civilization along the southern edge. It had for some time been doing well, but over the past year there seems to have been an increase in bandit attacks. While it does have a reasonable market, and a relatively safe trade route to Coaltin, it is at the base of the southern mountains and relies heavily on the mining from them to survive.

The Townships

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