Order of the Light

The Order of the Light can be considered a fairly typical goodly religious organization. They have a High Priest as their leader with two Cardinals just beneath, four Bishops beneath them, Priests as the second most populous and Accolytes as the newly appointed members of the Order.

The Order of the Light follows the path of Elara, The Light, seeking to bring light to all and hope ever flowing. They are a mostly pacifist order, though at times they do understand the need for strength of arms at times. Even in those encounters, however, they chose subdual and the opportunity for redemption to all as their primary path. If all else fails, they will defend themselves and suffer penance for any deaths they may have incurred in their defense.

Whispers of the Dark

Though a heavily debated group on the value of their presence, none can deny that at times the Whispers have a talent for accomplishing what the Light cannot. The true value in the Whispers is their lack of inhibitions and willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. Unlike the Order, however, they have only one High Priest who presides over the entirety of the Whispers, known only as the Seer. All other ordained members are called Whispers. The identity of the Seer is unknown except to those within the Dark, and is kept to such a level of secrecy that should any outside the Dark discover the identity, the entire organization will purge the ailment within the Dark, as well as any who learned of it, or may have learned of it, or even have a chance of learning of it.

The Blades

A small organization within Sen that houses the mercenaries of the region. They accept any and all to their membership, and while their name implies weapon wielding members, they have no such requirement. As long as you are willing to do whatever the contract demands they will accept you. This is not to say that each contract does not have its own limitations. Several Blades work with the Order itself and aid them as escorts. They are also well known as caravan guards.

The Knights of the Kingdom of Evermoon

This is an Order of noble knights. Each is welcomed as a child from any background as long as they show some promise in the most important aspect of the Knigthood, honor. They are trained until they pass all the requiring tests and training to become Knights. They must complete a quest given by the Knight Commander. Upon completion their rank within the Knighthood is determined and their position in the Kingdom afforded.

Hands of the Father

The Father was once an old man who would gather about him young children in a town across the great lake. His activities were never what one would consider valued or honorable, and as such he was often the object of many in the pursuit of justice for crimes done against them by he and his ‘children’. In recent years, a small group has formed in Sen that goes by the name Hands of the Father. It has been presumed that the Father is not present and this organization is an offshoot of his primary group across the water. Each of the members are given ranks based on their task and abilities. There is no bottom of the rope as each member is considered a valued member because without the palm, there would be nothing for the fingers to hold onto. Commonly heard names are Finger, Thumb, Nail.

The Tower

While it is a massive structure in the center of Sen, it is the home of a vast amount of knowledge gathered from several kingdoms and farther away. The Keeper is the equivalent of a Seneschal, and as such controls the tower in a sense. Acolytes are the lowest and newest members, typically just there for studies and to gain some knowledge. Wizards are those who have demonstrated a level of existing knowledge, or some skill, and who have been requested to join from the Lady. Arch Wizard is the title given to the leader of a sphere of knowledge, of which there are 9.

The Merchants

There are various individual merchants within Evermoon, but most pay tithes to the Merchant guild in order to obtain better deals, safer trade routes, and more lucrative opportunities. Unlike the other organizations, there is a small council that presides over all matters of merchant business. They ensure trade routes are kept clear, new opportunities are fully explored, and are usually the ones responsible for hiring the Blades as caravan guards and explorers. Every town in Evermoon has at least a small trade outpost run by the Merchants.


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