Important Figures

There are many important people in Evermoon, anywhere from the King down to the lowest of servants in a small tavern. Below is a list of some of them, perhaps to be expanded as more are discovered.

King Robert Abraille

Current ruler of Evermoon. He took the throne at a young age of 7 when his father died in a hunting accident while visiting the Barony of Kendron to the southeast. He was raised by his mother and advisors and has generally made good decisions and been a good king. A marriage was arranged when he was 19 to the Princess Elsbeth of Mendron to the north. She bore him a son, securing the lineage, but died in childbirth. It was rumored that King Robert had several dalliances prior to marriage, but since his wife died, has been very focused on ruling the kingdom.

Physically, King Robert is a tall, strong man with a sea of black hair atop is head and adorning his face speckled with flecks of grey showing his age. A well trimmed moustache and beard, not even a single hair out of place, he always looks well presented and elegant. Typically garbed in soft furs and silks colored in deep blues and dark purples, he favors the darker colors that complement his otherwise pale skin. When he speaks, his deep blue eyes sparkle to reflect his moods and offer insight into what he may be thinking.

Knight Commander Thomas DeConroy

A small man, one might think, but an imposing one with a great deal of strength. He never speaks above a quiet word, seeming to have no need to even in a large room filled with armored Knights. His presence is so demanding of attention that all seem to quiet around him in an effort to hear whatever he may have to say. He is the most devoted and loyal of the King’s men, and his personal bodyguard and friend. Unless his business in the Citadel keeps him, he is easily found at the side of the King and never leaves his side when visitors are present. Unlike his friend, though, none have ever seen him interested in any woman, and have never known him to take a wife.

Unlike the King, Knight Commander Thomas is a small man, short by any consideration, even so much so that many question is ability to perform his duties. His hair is a pale brown, shining with hints of red and blonde in the sunlight. Though older than the King, grey hairs have yet to adorn his crown or face, giving him a much more youthful appearance. He would be considered handsome, were it not for the ragged red scar across his face leading down from his left cheek to his nose, barely missing his eye. When not wearing his armor, he is typically found in a black tunic with pants, long boots, and a silvered sword at his side.

Duke Tenan Duprey

Arrogance and a narrow minded focus on self absorption would be the words used to describe Duke Tenan Duprey. Handsome by any opinion, he is a tall, striking man who seems to capture the attention of all who see him. His gait is that of a fine aristocrat, and while he has been known to engage in swordplay on occasion, it is the wordplay and politics that seem to capture his interest.

He married young to an heiress from the northern kingdom of Burentar. His father arranged the marriage when Tenan was a babe, and though he passed away before Tenan was to wed, the young Duke shared his father’s lust for power and wealth so pursued the marriage. Having secured an ally to the north, he eventually gained sufficient power and wealth to become the second most influential and important member of Evermoon society.

Lord Adarn Duprey

Duke Duprey’s wife bore him four sons. Each blessed in a different way, but the eldest, Adarn, shared his vision and lust for power most acutely. Tenan discovered Adarn’s affinity for magic soon after meeting the ellusive Mistress of the Tower. It was she who saw it in him and through her tutelage he gained an excellent control over it. He also had an affinity for the blade and through hard work and much training developed a school for those who crossed magic with blades. He remains unwed, waiting for a suitable bride to honor his family and bring him more power and wealth.

Lord Kare Duprey

Second son to Duke Duprey, Kare was born with a roar and seemed to exude that fire with every breath. His affinity could best be described as unbridled chaos. More like his mother in height and stature, Kare is a small man but wide in girth with pure muscles. When Adarn offered to teach Kare the blade, Kare stared at the sword offered, grasped the blade easily between both hands, then deftly snapped it in half. He has never again been permitted to hold or touch a weapon. This seemed only to encourage his chaos more and when he is found, he is usually in the middle of a brawl with several opponents at once.

Baron Brennen

The Mistress of the Tower

She is given many names but her true name seems to escape memory. Most have taken to calling her simple The Lady or The Mistress.

300 years ago she founded the Tower of Knowledge in what is now the city of Sen. At the time it was a single tower beneath a tall, ragged cliff with a small castle, facing out towards the Sea of Stars. As she gathered wizards, sorcerers, and other arcane users to the tower, the village of Sen grew and eventually became a major metropolis.

The Lady has always been rarely seen, but when she is, she wears a long flowing gown of soft gold and white silk that flows easily about her. Tresses of gold fall fully to the floor behind her, almost as if a train of silken threads. Eyes of vibrant blue, she seems aware of all about her. Her beauty is said to rival the goddess Solace, yet she remains undaunted by it and oft ignores advances made because of it.

She appeared 400 years ago, 100 years before the building of the tower, as a poor serving wench in a tavern in Kingstown. It was the age of darkness and through some miracle, she became the beacon of light that ultimately broke the never ending night to let the sun and moon return. It is assumed she is human, but her manner of longevity is unknown. Many guess it is due to the arcane energies she has mastered but none know for sure.

She bore a single child, in recent years, upon whom she dotes and favors with almost palpable affection and adoration. The child grew up within the tower and spent very little, if any, outside of it.

Duke Duprey has been well known to seek her favor and shower her with gifts in an effort to win her hand now that his wife has passed. So much so, in fact that many assume the child to be his. Only the Lady knows, and it is a secret she holds closer than her beloved child.

Important Figures

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