The Deities

So after some discussion about deities, what makes them useable by players, and how they work within the confines of my world and game, I decided to make a fairly dramatic change to where these two fit into the world pantheon and in general, kind of opening things up quite a bit for the players. This is in part to make it a bit easier on players to settle into roles that require divine worship, but also because of allowing non humans to be part of the game to allow them the option to not be from Evermoon. This will not have any impact on the game itself, but hopefully will let players have a bit more freedom in their choices and things they would like to do.

There were, at one time, many gods. They filled the sky as plentiful as the stars. They were worshipped by the masses, yet did not need their faith or worship to survive. They had their fights, loves, earth shattering events, but nothing prepared them for their eventual, instant, demise.

Some time ago, records fail to show when as there always seems to be some fog surrounding the actual time, the world was undone. It is known this was done, and while stories fade to myths and legend, the eldest amongst the peoples know it to be true. There was nothing but a single being left. Yet that being is not the one who unmade everything. It was the ones who loved him most who destroyed all, and gave up their own selves to preserve him. When he awoke from his nightmares, and found there to be nothing but himself, he remade it all. He was careful, though. He did not allow the vanity and wantonness of the other deities to return, for it was their egos that brought the ruin.

He restored the ones who sacrificed themselves for him. He restored the ones who unknowingly gave their very existence for his preservation, the people of the world. He was so meticulous, even the leaf that was falling from the tree when the world was unmade was restored, falling from the tree. When all was done, and the four other deities who had willingly given their lives were restored, he vowed never to allow that to happen again. He bid them find, amongst the peoples of the world, those who would fill the other roles. He knew they were needed, one could not have balance if one did not have darkness with light, or light with darkness. So they found the ones who would be risen to become gods. He tested them, ensured they would not bring about ruin, and bound every other deity to the one rule.

They hold no power without faith.

And so every deity is now bound by the strength of their followers faith in them. While they use various aspects of themselves, they remain true to their purpose.

The Pantheon

The world pantheon is defined mostly by the 9 alignments. Each deity has aspects that follow one alignment variance from their normal. So a LE deity has NE, LN, and N aspects along with their primary LE. This allows them the opportunity to reach a greater set of followers, but also allows followers to follow a part of a deity’s portfolio without having to follow every part of it. Below are the nine gods to which all at least whisper words of praise, even if not devoted followers.

Therian, Mother (LG)

Ancient beyond the breaking of the world, Therian has held sway over the laws of men. Yet it is the truth in their hearts that give worth to their prayers. To follow her, one must follow not only the word of the law, but the heart of it as well. Should the law be unjust, it is the dominion of her paladins and clerics to seek them out and correct them.

She is seen as a short, lithe woman wearing a dark silver robe with a pale white gown beneath. Often she is mistaken for a common woman on the rare occasions she has been seen, but it is because she gives no value to wealth or prestige and as such does not show any. On the rare occasion she is greeted, it is usually as Mother, not by her name, as all other deities refer to as such. There is a gentle, loving kindness in her eyes, voice, and touch, that soothes even the wildest of creatures.

Her favored weapon is a long sword. Typically of fine craftsmanship, elegant, and somewhat ornately decorated. Her Domains are Law, Good, Nobility, Protection, and Sun.

Agoar (LN)

A strange one is this who wanders the land with seeming aimless abandon. Though he speaks rarely to any, many find peace when he is near. Dressed simply in comfort with dirt trodden sandals and weathered hem to his robe, he is not one most take notice of in passing. Should any happen to actually see him, they seem to not remember his passing when he is gone. Those who follow him most devoutly, however, are granted visions and foresight. The Diviner, as he is oft called, is one of peace and tranquility. Most often worshipped by monks and those of a more calm nature, but let this not fool you into believing he is not one to act should it be needed. He remains the balance between Sorian and Therian, and should their quarrels bring thunder to the heavens, it is Agoar who soothes the skies and eases their turmoil.

His favored weapon is Unarmed Combat. His Domains are Community, Knowledge, Void, Sun and Luck.

Sorian (LE)

A warrior, a stalwart man, a pursuer of justice, Sorian is the god of Order at the cost of all else. Where there is Chaos, his Justicars are known to be at the forefront of combat in order to subdue through whatever means needed. There is no mercy or kindness to him, he leaves that to his beloved Therian. Instead, he believes that laws are meant to keep Order, and that even an unjust law is a law that should be followed.

Garbed in a suit of blood red dragon scale platemail, he carries a great sword against his back, a spiked gauntlet on his right hand, and a lance strapped to the seat of his dragon’s saddle. His visage is so terrifying that it has been some time since any have seen him. His Justicars, though, are seen throughout the greater kingdoms defeating those who would go against Order.

His favored weapon is a Great sword. His Domains are Law, Strength, Evil, War, and Death

Elara (NG)

Young, willful and stubborn are not words one would use to describe Elara. She is as the moon in its ever purposeful journey across the sky in all its glorious phases seeking to bring light where there would otherwise be darkness. Her path through the darkness begins the night following the new moon and continues until the following month when again the moon is absent.

Though the moon is seen easily at night, her purpose is to provide light and hope for all. She favors those who bring aid to those in need. She has been known to offer boons to those who have given of themselves that others miight prosper.

Unlike the other deities, her power builds with the moon until it comes to its peak with the full moon only to wane again and fade by the new moon. Those who find themselves worshippers of her seek out the three nights of a full moon in order to perform their most sacred rites and obtain her fullest blessings.

As the moon, Elara appears as a softly glowing young woman. Her hair and gown are of finest silver and shine brightly in even the slightest light. She is lithe, seemingly almost frail in her tiny figure, but the strength of her purpose shines easily in her dark blue eyes.

Her favored weapon is the Longsword. Her Domains are Good, Glory, Sun, Healing, Community.

Solace (N)

Balance, that truth in balance that allows both light and dark to exist, is what drives Solace. Yet to hold true balance, one must hold sway over the elements and control them, guide them, nurture them. To this end, Solace is the fire that warms the sky, the earth that softens the foot, the water that brings life, and the air that gives breath to all. But do not think that there is no counterpoint to her. Just as quickly as air can give you breath, it can sweep you across the mountains and throw you into the swirling seas. While the elements give balance, and order, they also bring chaos and disarray. Yet ever at the center of the maelstrom remains Solace. Calm.

Garbed in a gown of gold with flowing dark brown hair that cradles her ravishing face and exquisite features, she is divine by all measures. A swirling cloud trails behind her harmlessly giving hints of her mood by its very nature. Occasionally one has been known to see a pair of silver wings flitting within the cloud being struck by all manner of lightning and torture.

Her favored weapon is the Mace. Her Domains are Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Weather.

Anaro, The Dark (NE)

He represents all that is dark. While his alignment is Neutral Evil, he has been known to manipulate law and chaos to his own ends. He relishes in the lack of Goodness, more so than in the presence of Evil. It is in the purest of laws and anarchy of chaos that he finds his most loyal followers for a law may be intended to benefit all, but there is always someone it harms and chaos does not allow for Good, but selfish intends which defies the Goodness in all.

Unlike his sister, he has been seen in the darkest of shadows, in the creeping of fog, and at the blackest of nights when no light shines from the moon. Some have claimed to have seen a shadow so dark that it defies existence and that no amount of light can brighten it. While his skin is, as his sister, pale as moonlight, his eyes are black as the darkest night and he wears a shroud so dark it not only blocks light, but it seems to feed off of it and draw it in to it, darkening everything about. Shadows become stronger in his presence, and in some cases, even animate to do his bidding.
Anaro is, in simplest of terms, darkness. He exists in the place between law and chaos where the finest of lines defines the evils. He brings chaos to those of law, and law to those of chaos, in an effort to draw them closer to the line, and giving in to the darkness it provides. All evil exists in darkness, and as such, he perpetuates all evil within his darkness. It is there that the light of good and hope are lost.

He is often seen as a shrouded dark figure wearing a blacker than black cloak. His skin, though, is as pale and white as the moon on a st

Cha (CE) (Pronounced Kah)

Chaos. Destruction. Death. All that is Evil in the land and all that wishes it to be no more.

  • * (CN)

Ember, The Child (CG)

Her favored weapon is a sling. Her Domains are Plant, Animal, Artifice, Trickery, Charm

Neffrie (LG)

The dwarves are unique in the lands in that they alone have their own deity. To truly be a dwarf is to worship Neffrie. He is short, stout, has a long flowing braided beard, and loves to carry a hammer in one hand and a mug of ale in the other. He has a wry grin and a sparkle in his golden eyes that speaks of a sense of humor perhaps best left untouched.

Unlike many of the other gods, he is seen often amongst the dwarves. During great feasts, rowdy wakes and joyful births, Neffrie has been known to enjoy the revelry and partake of it greatly. Some have said that the great mountain under which the dwarves live shakes and trembles with laughter when Neffrie drinks. Across the Ivert Sea, the coastal villages and towns have seen the mountain light up the sky several times a year followed by the sound of great laughter.

His favored weapon is the Hammer. His Domains are Artifice, Community, Strength, Earth and Travel.

The Deities

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