Character Creation Notes

During character creation there are some things to keep in mind for characters, as well as during the game when leveling up. The game is going to be a gauntletish style for the first 4 months of game time as determined by events and character decisions. It can go longer, if the players choose it to, but the assumption is that it will be a 4 month journey. My goal is to have players around level 14 to 15 by the end of that journey.

It will be a gauntlet style game during the journey. I restate this because it is important. Yes, you will be sleeping every night, yes there will be a few places to stop along the way. What I mean by gauntlet style is that unless the players decide to hang out in an area for more than a couple of nights, barring any nastiness happening, there will really not be any time to have items crafted by merchants. The travel will be on the major trade route, so if desired, one can always have something crafted and sent down the route to meet you wherever you may be on the way. This makes things difficult when wanting very specific items prior to level 15 if there is no crafter in the party. Purchasing items straight up will not be impacted as that comes down to if they have the item or not. The only thing really impacted is having specific items crafted.

Now, for character creation:

20 pt buy for stats

2 traits. May choose from campaign traits as long as it is region appropriate. Regions are: Mountain, Forest, River, Sea.

Max starting money, because I am a kind and generous GM.

There are no race/class restrictions at this time. However, if you choose a non human (or not close enough to pass as human) race, you will not be from the local area and will need to get with me on an appropriate background and location. In Sen, the main city, there are no bad reactions to non humans, as long as you aren’t a demon or something silly like that. Generally speaking, normal non humans get along fine. The further you get into the ‘backwaters’, though, the reactions may change, so be aware of that.

This is a Mythic game, so keep that in mind when building concepts. I need to have an awakening arc for each of you. It is possible to share an arc, if you would like a bonding experience with a other character, but I will be doing unique individual ones otherwise.

Character Options

Character Creation Notes

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