Male Human Evoker, Master of the Elements


I’m using this as my current brainstorming area for Kalsul’s build. So far this build is pure Pathfinder with the exception of the Scupt Spell metamagic.

Trait – Magical Lineage (Fireball, – 1 final spell level with metamagics)
Trait – Something Campaign oriented

Evoker Admixture Variant – Gives up Force Missile but gives free elemental substitution INT + 3 times per day. Gives up Elemental Wall for Elemental Manipulation which is a elemental substitution 30ft aura.

Barred Schools – Necromancy and Enchantment

Arcane Bond to Staff (Its a classic. Also gives me an extra spell and can make it magical)

1 Scribe Scroll
1 Spell Focus – Evocation
1 Varisian Tattoo – Evocation
3 Scupt Spell
5 Spell Specialization (+ 2 CL w/ Fireball)
5 Heightened Spell (Needed for Preferred Spell)
7 Preferred Spell – Fireball (Spontaneous into Fireball with no increase in casting time)
9 Empower Spell (4th level Fireballs 10d6 + 50%)
10 Selective Spell (5th level Fireball 10d6 + 50% with Selective targeting)
11 Intensified Spell (Needed for Preferred Spell)
13 Craft Wand, Craft Rod, or Craft Ring perhaps Spell Penetration.
15 Greater Spell Focus – Evocation
15 Spell Perfection Fireball (Double Spell Focus and Caster Level Bonus w/ Fireball)
17 Quicken Spell

Big weakness I see with this build is no concentration bonuses which could suck if I loose my staff. I might be able to compensate with creative spell use and magic items.

Alternatively I might try the Scrollmaster archtype with the Cypher Magic feat (replacing Varisian Tattoo), not sure if it will just cause frustration. I don’t like the fact that the sword and shield powers damage the scrolls used making them not useful at lower levels. Also, such a build seems to require a level of fighter and then switching to Eldrich Knight at 11th level (because the 10th lvl scrollmaster ability is COOL). It feels like it would be a subpar Gish build. The shield power is nice, but I could just cast the Shield spell (though it doesn’t have Fortification). However, if I just ignore the feeling I should wack people with the shortsword scroll, instead just use the shield ability for extra defense. At 10th level the ability to cast low level spells off scrolls at max CL and DC is pretty sweet, doing the same for wands is cool as well.

Evoker (or perhaps another) Scroll Master 10 / Loremaster 10 “The I-Can’t-Have-Enough-Feats-Build”. This build focuses less on Fireball and more on items because scrolls at 10 and wands at 12 use the character’s INT and feats for caster level and spell DC.

1 Wizard Feat: Scribe Scroll
1 Feat:
1 Feat:
3 Feat: Sculpt Spell
5 Feat: Craft Wand
5 Wizard Discovery: Fast Study
7 Feat:
9 Feat:
10 Improved Scroll Casting
11 Feat: Craft Staff
12 Discovery: Staff-Like Wand (assuming a + 7 INT Mod, possible with starting INT of 20 and a + 1 Intelligence Tome)
13 Feat: Metamagic Spell Trigger (Complete Mage)
14 Feat:
15 Feat:
16 Feat:
17 Feat:
18 Feat:
19 Feat:
20 Feat:



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